Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why should I purchase high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes?

Because HDPE has physical-chemical properties that qualify it as the best thermoplastic resin to make ducts, pipes and accessories. Some of its properties include: rigidity, high resistance to chemical agents and solvents, excellent insulating capability, low permeability to gases and water, low friction coefficient, low specific weight, non-toxicity, good behavior at low temperatures, and good resistance to abrasion and to UV radiation.

Due to the aforementioned characteristics, the HDPE ducts and pipes show important benefits over products made with other materials, such as PVC, steel or concrete. The mix of qualities such as high mechanical resistance, non-toxicity and flexibility, for instance, make the final product very easy to handle, transport, store and install.

2- Why should I purchase ducts and pipes with annular profile, and not the helicoid one?

Because corrugated ducts and pipes with annular profile are manufactured as a single body. On the other hand, helicoid pipes are composed by a HDPE ribbon winded on itself. Therefore, in addition to have a constant thickness along their diameter, the annular ducts and pipes never break up when handled at the jobsite. Besides, the annular profile assures more flexibility to the end product. The more flexible the product, the less voluminous and expensive it will be to transport. Finally, the connection method of annular ducts and pipes is incomparably faster and easier, because there is no need to screw the pipe sections to accessories that have been already screwed in another section. On the contrary, the connection of annular ducts and pipes assures full tightness of the line, requiring only a slight pressure in the lengthwise direction, and thus eliminating the need of adhesive tapes or installation kits. For such reasons, the annular profile is preferred over the helicoid one on a worldwide basis. And the same occurs in Brazil. 

3- Why should I purchase ducts and pipes from Peveduto, and not from other brands?

Peveduto is a Brazilian company that has been manufacturing HDPE ducts and pipes for 15 years, and is widely known by the excellence of its products and services. In fact, our professionals are trained to pursue the satisfaction of every customer. Therefore, Peveduto distinguishes itself from large-sized companies, which impose their needs to the customers. On the other hand, the vast experience accrued during the last 15 years also distinguishes Peveduto from newly-established companies of the sector, which do not have yet the required experience to offer solutions with excellent cost-benefit for customers. Such characteristics make of Peveduto a competitive company, but not a reckless one; a traditional company, but not an inflexible one.

4- What is the difference between Peveduto HD and Peveduto EN?

Peveduto HD is manufactured in compliance with the NBR 15715 standard, while Peveduto EN is made in compliance with the BSEN 61386-24:2010 one. As Peveduto HD follows a Brazilian

standard, it has been certified by most power carriers of the country. On the other hand, Peveduto EN follows an European standard, which is more flexible than the NBR 15715; therefore, it must be used in specific cases, as defined in the project of the works. If Peveduto EN is to be used in sites with high safety requirements, it would be advisable the adoption of the concrete enveloping process. On its turn, Peveduto HD eliminates de need of such process. Finally, Peveduto HD is printed with data to assure product traceability, as required by the standard. Peveduto EN has no printed data.

5- What is the difference between Pevedreno HD and Pevedreno?

Pevedreno HD is manufactured in compliance with the NBR 15073 standard, while Pevedreno follows Peveduto’s internal standardization. Pevedreno HD is usually employed in the drainage of highways, while Pevedreno is used to drain soils in general, when there are no strict requirements on mechanical resistance. Finally, Pevedreno HD is printed with data to assure product traceability, as required by the standard. Pevedreno has no printed data.

6- When shall I buy corrugated ducts and pipes of HDPE, and when shall I buy the smooth ones?

The project engineer has the responsibility of defining the use of HDPE corrugated ducts, corrugated pipes or smooth pipes in the works. Corrugated ducts can be used in underground electric networks, with the advantage of being flexible and resistant to compression and impact. Drainpipes are perforated, being used in the drainage of soils. Smooth pipes, on their turn, have several potential applications. They can be used to convey water under pressure, as well as sewage and gases; to deploy optical fibers in telecommunications; to transport ore; to fertilize and irrigate; and also to make electrical installations. Additionally, they can be installed without the need of ditches, through the non-destructive method (NDM), if specified in the project.

7- What the NDM acronym means?

It means “non-destructive method”. This installation method of HDPE smooth pipes eliminates the need of ditches – which is beneficial, considering that it can avoid disturbances in areas where ditches would be a nuisance, such as urban centers, river crossings and highways, among others. Installations by the non-destructive method must be planned in advance by the engineering project, and pipe thickness shall be correctly sized, in order to withstand the pulling force.

8- Engineering projects

The purchase of HDPE ducts and pipes by the customer must always observe an engineering project, which will specify the product type to be used, along with its technical characteristics and the installation method. Peveduto will not be responsible for these choices; they are the customer’s responsibility.

9- Have Peveduto's products a warranty?

All products supplied by Peveduto are warranted against manufacturing defects during 12 months, starting at the production date. Warranty will be voided if the good practices of loading, unloading, handing, storage and installation of products are not observed. Peveduto’s products shall not be stored outdoors.

10- How can I buy Peveduto's products in my region?

Peveduto’s representative chain throughout the Brazilian territory can be found in this site. Alternatively, you can call our commercial office and schedule an appointment with the sales manager.

11- How can I identify Peveduto's products?

Our products are identified with the company’s name. In the case of Peveduto HD and Pevedreno HD, in addition to an identification with high relief markings in their bodies, there are also the Peveduto brand printed by the inkjet method. Peveduto EN ducts and Pevedreno pipes are identified with the high relief Peveduto brand only. In the Pevetubo line, the company’s brand is always printed with white paint on the pipe’s body.