Quality Policy

During the last 15 years, Peveduto has done great deeds and earned enough knowledge and experience to qualify itself as one of the best and most renowned Brazilian companies in the industry of high density polyethylene products for infrastructure works.

Some significant facts can be mentioned to attest Peveduto’s excellence tradition:

  • Certification of our quality management system by the Falcão Bauer Institute in 2008;
  • Assembly of a full laboratory to assure the quality of our products and their certification by the key power and telecommunications carriers in Brazil;
  • Acknowledgement by our customers of the excellent service we provide, from sale to post-sale.

All such aspects characterize and strengthen the tradition of the Peveduto brand – a brand that you know!

Peveduto has the following quality policy:

1 - Providing products to our customers always in compliance with technical specifications, within the deadline and price established in common agreement;
2 - Continuously improving the quality of the company’s processes, products and services;
3 - Assuring the qualification of our employees, for the good performance of their tasks;
4 - Promoting an organized, safe and clean work environment.